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Porta’s KIS100 Power Gate Operator is a proven product that provides a user-friendly, dependable and cost effective means of automating accordion gates used in residential and L.U.L.A. Elevators. It has passed an accelerated life test of 25 years of normal residential uses(100,000 cycles).

The KIS100 conforms to UL508A, ASME A17.1A, ASME A17.5, CSA-B44-94 and CSA-C22.22, No. 14-M91



Features and Benefits

·Two-speed, bi-directional gate operation.
·Accommodates a variety of control signals.
·Auto-close option enabled via a user setting.
·Porta GTS100 gate switch mounts within the chassis.
·Micro-switch slow downs and limits.
·Magnetic coupling of gate to operator.
·Field connections pre-wired



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